VAT Fiscal representative in Netherlands

VAT Fiscal representative in Netherlands

VAT Fiscal representative in Netherlands


Netherlands is the most important country in Europe tax wise and therefore it becomes important to study how VAT fiscal representatives in Netherlands are important.


Let us start by looking at the detailed description of the three main duties of a fiscal representative.


First of these duties is the periodic submission of VAT returns. A return has to be filed every quarter. The fiscal representative has to often file a return monthly but usually, the return has to be filed within one month from the end of the quarter. Why one needs a fiscal representative in order to file returns properly is because it needs a lot of time and energy on the part of the entrepreneur if he tries to file the return himself and even then he might not be good enough at taxes and not be able to successfully file the return the right way. On top of that if the returns are not properly filed then your business can get affected negatively. What I mean by a negative impact on the business is that your profit margins can become lower, and you might attract penalties and you may get into commercial problems with suppliers and customers. A fiscal representative will help you deal with complicated cross-border VAT rules and ease your burden. These representatives do not only ensure tax compliance but also tax efficiency.


The next important duty of a VAT fiscal representative in Netherlands is to compile quarterly EU sales list. An EU sales list comes into picture when you have a business that is VAT registered and this business supplies goods and services to customers who are VAT registered with another EU country. An EU list contains the details of each of the EU customers, the value of supplies sent to the customers and the country code of each customer.


The third important role of a fiscal representative in Netherlands is the monthly submission of Intrastat returns. For those  who are not aware Intrastat is a system of collection of data about trade within the European Union. A business has to file an Intrastat return when the sales within EU and/or acquisitions within EU exceed the threshold limit. These returns must be filed within 10 working days post the end of the relevant month. The returns are sent to statistics Netherlands in an electronic fashion.


The fourth duty of a fiscal representative is claiming VAT refund. The rules for VAT refund are different when you are an establishment in EU and outside. The representative has to look at  certain conditions before filing for refund


Another important role of a fiscal representative is to file an objection and appeal on your behalf when your company gets into a dispute with the tax authorities.


I would like to conclude by saying that one needs a fiscal representative because only an expert fiscal representative can know the latest updates and news in the world of taxation for example when the Dutch authorities reduced the threshold of quarterly filings of EC which could completely change the tax scenario.