Dutch tax seminar
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A tax consultant specialized in tax returns in the Netherlands

Filling out tax forms in the Netherlands can be very difficult. The last thing you want is that you do not fill in the right forms or fill them in wrongly. When you are an expat and you could use some help from a professional, you could always go to Witlox International Tax Advice. Witlox International Tax Advice is an experienced tax consultant in the Netherlands. Their advisors can help you to fill in the right forms. This tax consultant in the Netherlands also has the knowledge to explain the Dutch tax system.

Use the experience and knowledge of this company

When you are a foreign employee that is hired by a Dutch company in Rotterdam of another city in the Netherlands, you can use the 30% ruling. This tax consultant in the Netherlands can help you figure this out. They will give you all the information you need to understand what this means. Witlox International Tax Advice has a lot of experience and knows exactly what you need to do for your tax returns. There are several tax situations in the Netherlands, this consultant knows them all. Get in touch with them to make sure that you fill in the wright form for your specific situation. The experts from this company could also help you with the following services:

  • Taxes for US expats
  • Expat visa and other Dutch forms
  • Tax refunds when working at Schiphol

Get in touch with these experts

If you do not know how the 30% ruling works or if you need some advice from a tax consultant in the Netherlands, just get in touch with this company. They give you all the information you need and help you to fill in all the right forms. This company helps foreign employee working in the Netherlands. From filling in your tax forms to several other services. Do not hesitate and get in touch for good advice and professional guidance.